pmi chart

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  • Zero carbon
  • The process can scrub out sulphur that might have otherwise been released
  • No fuel required (no mining or transportation)
  • Not subject to the same fluctuations as solar or wind
  • Smallest land footprint of any major power source
  • Virtually limitless supply
  • Inherently simple and reliable
  • Can provide base load or peak power
  • Already cost competitive in some areas
  • Could be built underground
  • Some level of geothermal energy available most places
  • New technologies show promise to utilize lower temperatures


  • Destroys habitats and areas were life is key and futile
  • Prime sites are very location-specific
  • Prime sites are often far from population centres
  • Losses due to long distance transmission of electricity
  • Water usage
  • Sulfur dioxide and silica emissions
  • High construction costs
  • Drilling into heated rock is very difficult
  • Minimum temperature of 350F+  generally required
  • Care must be taken to manage heat and not overuse it


  • Generated and stored in the Earth. Geothermal energy is the energy that determines the temperature of matter.
  • Its Renewable
  • Its convenient
  • Its reliable
  • It’s a cleaner power plant
  • It has lots of uses
  • GHP ‘s a money in the bank
  • It’s got a bright future
  • Hydrated but not hydraulic
  • Its reliable
  • It has an impact on local improvement
  • A cleaner form of energy



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