camp recreation

We have just finished our tour of new parliament house and we were now having water and fruit straps. We get paired up boy girl but as we start to leave we are saved by bill shorten. He approaches in his clean suit and brings us outside to the scorching hot courtyard, soon, he realises how much cooler it is when were in the shade so he guides us over there. he starts to talk and his  voices is piercing his gaze is controlling and he decides to give us information on what parliament is and  how it should be represented. He believes it should be represented with the labour party and he explains he knows Brigette our school captain and asks her to explain who he is. At first impression he (in my eyes) is funny and factual and soon gives us questions to ask, suddenly a foul smell vacuums into my nose. it starts getting worse and everyone begins to hold their shirt to their noses blocking the smell but still the smell leaks out of someone’s but as if the slinkiest thing in the world crawled through there and exploded sending guts flying and smell shooting out of that persons but. But we had to deal with it and so we did. After question time we left for the park down the road kallum has a look on his face and explains that the smell came from him, he was guilty and I can tell you now there was more to come.

Capture 2

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